Millennium Media, Inc.

4218 Oakwood Avenue
Huntsville, Alabama 35810
256-534-2039 (office)
256-489-0702 (fax)
Karen J. Jackson, CEO
Millennium Media, Inc. is an 8(a) company eligible to enter into contracts on either a sole source or competitive basis.
Millennium Media, Inc. is a Small Business, 8(a) Certified/ Small Disadvantage Business (SDB), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Veteran-Owned, and Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Alabama State, Department of Transportation, (DOT) Certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise, S-Corporation for profit tax paying company, registered in the Government CCR database to do business with Government agencies. Millennium Media, Inc. has been doing business with the Federal Government and the communities since Oct 1998.
Computer Related Services (541519); Data Capture Imaging Service (Data hosting, hosting and related service) (518210); Convert paper documents into electronic files. The process includes:
1. Scanning/digitizing paper documentation
2. Converting scanned images into a PDF file
3. Indexing/Book marking (work search capability)
4. Developing hyperlinks
5. Mass media duplicating
6. Maintain master media copy/updates
File management service includes taking paper documents, or scanned images and electronically downloading to Compact Disk, Compact Disk Read Only Memory or Digital Video Disk. This capability allows the customer to preserve and protect files for long periods of time, eliminates large storage facility to house files, and provides a means for persons to share information over a web-base system. Furthermore, this file management service provides enhanced capabilities for authorized users to create, maintain, transfer, locate, and retrieve files including tracking documents stored in record holding areas.
Other file management services include: Mass transfer of Audio, Video Material, Tapes and Records to CD and DVD (334612); Music/Libraries Archive (519120); and Duplication and Data Transfer/Conversion (518210) of the following:
1. CD to CD Duplication
2. DVD to DVD Duplication
3. Audio Cassettes to CD Conversion
4. 33/45 Record to CD Conversion
5. VHS to DVD Conversion
6. Umatic Tapes Transfer to DVD
6. Graphic Arts and Disc Printing
7. CD/DVD Labeling Packing and Shipping
Program Management /Technical Services (541710) System Engineering and Technical Assistance Services:
Support Functions of System Concepts and or hardware components/system platforms through the acquisition Process. Overall provides programmatic and technical support in the area of cost schedule and performance. SETA support provided in the following area:
a. Requirement Definition, Integration and Planning:
An assessment of the operational and performance impacts of concepts with current and future Army deployment architectures.
b. Technology Development, System Development, Assessment, and Validation:
Conduct independent program assessments and, when necessary, collaborate with technical and operational experts to evaluate transformation candidate (technologies/systems) requirements processes, system engineering, performance metrics, and program deliverables to assess each candidate�s potential to increase US space capabilities and/or reduce or eliminate enemy abilities.
c. Program/Project Analysis, Evaluation, Experimentation, and Support and Production and Fielding Support:
Provide independent evaluation and analysis of contractor work and provided reports to the Government.
d. Battle Management Command, Control, Communication and Computer System (BMC4I) support:
Develop, test, support and analyze electronic hardware and software to promote interoperability/integration of current and future BMC4I technologies as they apply to the utility of tactical and strategic level operations with emphasis on program support and oversight on cost, schedule and performance. The challenges included addressing network centric considerations for current and future operations including the joint environment. Provide acquisition technical support to mission areas with regard to formulation and execution of plans in support of BMC4I technology integration to ensure interoperability with newly developed technology, legacy communication systems, and joint systems.